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Duc Helices

I promised more and here’s a little more. This weekend produced some fan-freakin-tastic weather! Saturday and Sunday pretty much all ran together so I’ll just go with weekend.

I had a little avgas left in the tanks I needed to get out so I burned it, in the Rotax. Saturday was pretty and the wind at Birchwood was swirly and a tad weird which makes for fun approaches. When your stick is at the stops and you’re waiting for a response you know you’re slow and the wind is weird.

Sunday I decided to do some maintenance I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I did a bunch of weather sealing around my almost 3 year old turtle deck (I need to make a new one soon). Home Depot sells some nice weather seals for this stuff. It ended up killing a lot of vibrations and rattling in the deck which I was hoping for and helps keep the wet on the outside.

I also LPS3’d my squeaky rudder pedals. Now I can turn quietly in the sky without squeeking through my turns.

After working on my airplane in the sun for a while I dumped in 10 gallons of 90 something octane into the tanks and promptly turned it into noise/fun.

I went up to Knik glacier and then back down river and over to a buddies place. All in all a perfect weekend.

Oh yeah, the prop! Dude!!! Duc H props are fast! The more I fly it the more I like it. Before it’s fast though it’s smooth. Like one of the philosophers said, “like butter, on a bald monkey”! I love how it feels and sounds. It’s not abusing my gearbox or airplane, that’s good I think.

Check it out, I caught a glacier calving in this pic! Kinda neat... neature.

I’ve been seeing 97-104mph with this prop. Keep in mind I’ve been flying for two years at 83mph... that is HUGE! I can tell virtually no difference in take off distance. That also is impressive. A Superstol going 102-105 is pretty rare, this baby is fast. I saw 115 over the ground this weekend and that was kinda cool.

Anyway, that’s the weekend update. Love the prop so far! I should go fishing soon.

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