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Spring and a new prop

First, I know I’ve been slacking on the updates, I’m going to try to do better I promise.

The weather finally cleared up, it’s been a super miserable spring here in Anchorage this year. Windy and cold and all around generally sucky weather. Today however was amazing.

I got to put some time on the new Duc Helices prop. It’s all carbon fiber and super light weight. It’s so smooth it’s almost ridiculous, love it!

It took a few times to dial in the correct pitch but it isn’t hard to do. I wanted about 5400 static rpm so we screwed around with that to get it right. In the air the prop is again super smooth and kinda growly, I like how it sounds.

Everyone knows the Superstol is slow. We talk about it, we read about it, we wish it was faster, we talk about it some more. I’ve been flying around for the past two years at an honest 83 mph. It’s not fast but that Catto 82x39 will straight yank you off the ground and point you up. Now, having said all that... the Duc. I’m going to save my real thoughts till I have some more time on it since I really didn’t fly much today, but, it’s faster, way faster. I was seeing anywhere from 95mph to 105mph, that’s a big step from 83mph. Keep in mind that’s with a bone stock Rotax 912ULS. I’m sure my takeoff distance has changed but I don’t know by how much. I’m still climbing really well, like 750-900 fpm at 80mph. The airplane gets up on step instead of plowing like you see often with the Superstol.

Having said all of that, I plan on updating what I learn with this new prop. So far I like the speed and the climb rate is good. I’ll let you know about take off distance.

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