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Building a Just Aircraft Superstol

This winter, with Rob Pedersen’s assistance I built a Just Aircraft Superstol. I received my kit January 10th and 10 weeks later I was ready to run the engine. To be fair, I had no life and was working 12-16 hr days seven days a week on my build. The kit is fantastic and over all the building process was an excellent experience.

The build was straight forward and I’m sure it helped that we were building two airplanes at the same time. When you don’t have to stand around and scratch your head it saves a lot of time.

Rob did an incredible job with the paint, we painted a faded stripe on the side of mine.

Nearly ready to fly… Fitting the windshield and the cowling seemed like it took longer than it should but still not “hard” to do.

I trailered my airplane to Brasstown NC and did my transition training and test flying with Vic Payne. Both Vic and Billy are fantastic!

The first flight was an incredible experience!

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