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Superstol camping in the cold

The weather hasn’t been super nice the last couple of weeks so when the sun comes out you take advantage of it. My brother and I piled all our camping stuff into the airplane, slammed it full of fuel and headed across the inlet to a well-known river with lots of sand. The weather was spectacular! Besides freezing my rear off because my sleeping bag wasn’t warm enough, we had a great time enjoying the mountains. The wolves howling at night was pretty neat too.

I should probably apologize, this post is mostly airplane pictures. It seemed like the right thing to do. I bought a set of nitrogen gauges so I could maintenance my shocks, she’s standing up tall now like a Superstol should.

I need to wash the bird but I’ve been busy, it’s getting colder, I’ve got plenty of excuses. It’d probably fly faster if I washed the mud off the underside of my wings.

This place was just stunning. Perfect camping spot and you could stand around and look at some pretty fantastic scenery everywhere you looked.

We did some exploring and this super bright mossy stuff looked like it was on fire when the sun hit it.

It’s weird, I know the picture looked filtered and modified but it really did look this way.

The river is super low. When it cools down the glacier slows the melt pretty dramatically.

It’s fall, check out our 100′ shadows.

I really liked this shot of the mountains showing through the glass on the airplane.

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