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Weekend Fall Flying

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

The weather has been pretty gnarly the last week or so and I haven’t been flying so it was great to get out yesterday with some friends.

We started by flying up Eklutna Lake and landing on the strip at the far end of the lake. The fall colors are pretty right now and probably won’t last long. We have just a light dusting of snow up high in the mountains and combo of bright leaves and snow is one of my favorite times of year.

After kicking around Eklutna for a bit we headed up the Knik River and around the corner to Lake George. A short hike from the Mud Strip will get you to the edge of the lake which was full of big ice. We didn’t get rained on too badly which was nice.

Lukas grabbed this video of one of my landings at the Mud Strip while giving a short ride.

After kicking around for a bit we all headed back down stream, a nice way to wrap up the weekend.

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