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Labor Day Weekend

Long weekends are the best, they’re even better when you have a Superstol. A small group of us left Birchwood around 10am-ish and headed west. The weather Saturday morning was perfect but we knew it wasn’t going to last very long. After a little aerial tour around Big Lake we decided to check out the strip on the top of Mt. Susitna. Does anyone know what the buildings were used for up there? I’m asking because I don’t know. If I was going to guess I’d say possibly an old military radio station of some kind. Pretty cool stuff.

Lukas landed first in his Super Cub followed by Rob then me. We had a quartering tailwind so it felt a little fast to me but it all worked out just fine.

The view from the top of Susitna is amazing!

Something tells me the wind can get pretty gnarly up here from the looks of that old silo. Most of the tin was ripped off. It had to be a lonely place to work in the middle of the winter.

Looking south we could see the weather moving up the inlet. Leaving the top of Susitna was easy and then we headed south-west towards Chakachamna Lake. There was a really neat strip Lukas and Rob wanted to see up on the side of the mountain on our way to Chakachamna, super cool place.

Apparently, I only took one picture of the lichens on the gravel but I did get a short video of Rob landing

As we continued west to the end of the lake we found a mud bar to stop and hike around a bit. Just gettin’ some mud on the tires.

Good thing I had just washed my airplane, now it’s got a nice coating of mud under the wings.

We made a quick stop at the duck shack for supplies then back to the river for a camping spot.

The weather was pretty nice Saturday evening and didn’t rain on us too much till Sunday morning

Sunday morning we headed home in the rain but by the time we got back to Birchwood it was dry. If I could do it all over again, I’d do it just the same.

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