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Flying to Katmai

When you wanna see bear you have to go where they are, they’re in Katmai. Rob and Kristi loaded the airplanes with our junk and wayyy too much food (thanks Kristi) and headed south. Rob wanted to look at Redoubt on the way south, it’s big and icy. You know how I know? I was there, looking right at it.

Mount Redoubt, it’s big and icy.

We found a beautiful beach to camp on for the night. Bear tracks and food, who says they don’t mix?

By mid morning we had company.

After shooing momma and cub on their way we headed south. Seems like there is a big brown bear every half mile on the beach down there. Pretty cool stuff. I was glad my engine didn’t stop in big bear country.

We landed on a tiny spit of gravel in Oil Bay so Kristi could climb down rocks she had her eye on then headed out for Iliamna for fuel.

They call that a lake but it looks more like a cauldron of ice and rocks to me.

We stopped at Beluga Lake to look for a place to camp then decided to camp on the Big Su for the night. Then home in the morning.

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