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Cordova and Kayak Island

I’ve always wanted to go to Kayak Island so Rob and I piled all our crap into the airplanes and left Birchwood. The weather was nice so we went straight over Eklutna Lake and over the Chugach right into Prince William Sound. It’s amazing what you think you hear your engine doing when you’re at 9,000′ over ice and rocks. The Rotax 912 is an amazing engine and hasn’t given me any problems at all but still, ahh it’s just in my head.

We stopped for a pit stop in Heather Bay. The ice flowing from the glaciers make this a magical place really. Every so often you’ll hear a chunk of ice calving and rolling over. Incredible!

We spent the first night camping on a beach on Hinchinbrook island. It was amazing weather!

The next morning we stopped in Cordova for fuel and then headed out for Kayak Island. When we got to Kayak it was fogged in on the south side so we didn’t get to beach comb. Sad! We found an spot on the north side of the island and watched whales for a while instead. Now I have to go back some time when I can beach comb on the south side.

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